Take business to cloud with RADKick

RADKick - A Rapid Application Development Tool

Complex UI, View Models and Model Code Generator

Generate Bootstrap, AngularJS, C#/Java code

Save 30-50% on Cloud Modernization

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Cloud Development

Cloud Services, Microservices, Containers & Serverless

Cloud Native Development using DevOps, DevSecOps and Agile

ASP.Net, MVC, Web APIs, J2EE

Angular, Vue.js, Knockout and React

Expert in AWS RDS, Azure SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, DocumentDB or Bigdata

On cloud of your choice at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer or Google

Web using RADKick

Responsive, Mobile First friendly and modern site designs

508 Standards compliant

Make website fit for Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices

Bootstrap Implementation on Angular, Vue.js, React or Knockout

AI and ML

AzureML, ML.Net, and AWS ML tools using Tensorflow

AWS Lex and AWS Alexa Skill kit

AI development using AWS and Azure

Image recognition and processing

iOS/Android Apps

Allinfotech supports you in the field

Leverage mobile workforce

Allinfotech develops for both iOS and Android

Get native or cross platform app

Bigdata, NoSQL & RDBMS

Big Data Strategy

Big Data Readiness Assessment

Key Recommendations

Data Identification

System Design

Analysis, Development, Visualization and Reporting

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We provide best Cloud Native Development Services

Our Expertise

Allinfotech have command over these technologies. It means you can leverage us for Consulting and taking it further.
And yes, you can use it on any backend like Hadoop, NoSQL, and not only on traditional Databases.

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