• RADKick

    Rapid Application Development Tool

    Complex UI, View Models and Model Code Generator

    Generate Bootstrap, AngularJS, C#/Java code

    Save 50% on Cloud Modernization

    Move and Improve on Cloud, ask for Demo now

  • Cloud Development

    Cloud Services, Microservices, Containers & Serverless

    Cloud Native Development using DevOps, DevSecOps and Agile

    ASP.Net, MVC, Web APIs, J2EE

    Angular, Vue.js, Knockout and React

    Expert in AWS RDS, Azure SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, DocumentDB or Bigdata

    On cloud of your choice at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer or Google

  • Web using RADKick

    Responsive, Mobile First friendly and modern site designs

    508 Standards compliant

    Make website fit for Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices

    Bootstrap Implementation on Angular, Vue.js, React or Knockout

  • AI and ML

    AzureML, ML.Net, and AWS ML tools using Tensorflow

    AWS Lex and AWS Alexa Skill kit

    AI development using AWS and Azure

    Image recognition and processing

  • iOS/Android Apps

    Allinfotech supports you in the field

    Leverage mobile workforce

    Allinfotech develops for both iOS and Android

    Get native or cross platform app

  • Bigdata, NoSQL & RDBMS

    Big Data Strategy

    Big Data Readiness Assessment

    Key Recommendations

    Data Identification

    System Design

    Analysis, Development, Visualization and Reporting

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Allinfotech Services

Allinfotech provides a full life cycle consulting approach to cloud services requirements through a team of certified cloud engineers, DevOps programmers, and cloud infrastructure engineers for a complete and comprehensive cloud solutions. Agencies without in-house cloud and virtualization expertise, can implement very simple to complex large scale cloud ecosystems with our services to reduce hardware and software expenditures. Further information available at Cloud Computing Blog.

For organizations that seek do-it-yourself infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud packages, Allinfotech offers secure, scalable, and on-demand hybrid cloud through our enterprise level cloud partners such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. At Allinfotech, we are proud of our track record of delivering high-impact cloud services with excellent customer satisfaction on both AWS and Azure to DoS to DOT.

You can rest assured on the quality of our work, efficiency, and world class support on all types of cloud. From our in-depth understanding of your strategic vision, we will custom tailor the benefits of cloud to align with your organizational goals for an integrated approach. In addition, you can rely on our solid reputation, two decades of experience, industry and partner certifications, and business strategy credentials for a successful outcome and maximum ROI.

Allinfotech provides customers with tailor fit cloud solutions that are cost-effective. Also, it is great to know that our technology utilizes both private and public cloud services for enhanced safekeeping, availability, and data administration.

Allinfotech provides both "Lift and Shift" as well as "Move and Improve" cloud strategy to our clients.
Allinfotech Leadership understands that for many government IT organizations, it’s difficult to keep up with evolving business demands and it's emerging IT trends. For most clients, aging applications and costly, complex infrastructure leads to spending a high percentage of IT budgets, namely 50 to 75 percent to just keep it running. On top slow application release cycles and IT resourcing delays, and it’s easy to see why many CIO’s are seeking to adopt cloud-based DevOps (or DevTestOps, or DevSecOps) practices along with enabling self-services for cloud development and testing environments. Allinfotech helps government organizations to rationalize, modernize and transform their application portfolios and choose the right infrastructure environment to run their modernized applications. We support our clients in getting to cloud securely and with confidence, from Lift and Shift to Move and Improve, to be more agile and cost effective in planning, building, executing, deploying and delivering cloud based applications. And of course using RADKick as an option, can save over 50% of cloud modernization cost.

Allinfotech Cloud Services Benefits
  • Lower total cost of ownership and up-front capital costs by using Cloud Native Services
  • Reduce cost using Open Source tools to cost control
  • Increase team agility to use Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) to respond to infrastructure change requirements
  • Transfer infrastructure risks to cloud service providers
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery using AWS Lambda or Azure Functions to backup and disaster recovery (DR) jobs

Another advantage of Allinfotech Services is our dedicated Cloud Computing tools. In addition to keeping our staff well versed in all cloud technologies, our tools serves as a center for productivity, research, development and proof of concept for our customers. We provide tools from RADKick to automation of AWS Cloud Formation Scripts, Azure Powershell scripts to name a few.
At Allinfotech we recognize that each customer has different drivers for migrating to the cloud. While every customer is unique, and every project is different in size and scope, our cloud computing experts will bring the same knowledge, thought leadership, field experience and proven, repeatable processes to your projects. We commit to partnering with your agency to determine the most practical, cost-effective and secure approach that aligns with your overall mission and goals while delivering all of the benefits of the cloud in an accelerated timeframe. We pick best open source tools to Allinfotech's home grown unique toolset to deliver the projects at right time with right cost.

Allinfotech Cloud Migration Benefits
  • Lower total cost of ownership and up-front capital costs
  • Reduce infrastructure overhead and workload (equipment and personnel) using cost controlled, easy to manage processing power
  • Increase agility in responding to infrastructure change requirements
  • Transfer infrastructure risks to contractors or service providers
  • Facilitate proprietary application modernization, development and integration
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Satisfy short-term and short notice needs (Surges)
  • Enhance service availability and remote accessibility options

Another advantage of Allinfotech Services is our dedicated Cloud Computing tools. In addition to keeping our staff well versed in all cloud technologies, our tools serves as a center for productivity, research, development and proof of concept for our customers. We provide tools from RADKick to automation of AWS Cloud Formation Scripts, Azure Powershell scripts to name a few.
RADKick, a Rapid Application Development Tool, uses predefined prototyping techniques and tools to produce software applications. It encompasses a graphical user interface (GUI) development environment, allowing users to easily drag and drop required software application components. RADKick uses various tools and techniques to quickly produce minimally coded software applications. In essence prototyping using predefined components, structures and methods to quickly develop applications.
RADKick is a code generator

RADKick smartly understands application needs, and uses vetted code components to generate applications

Build cost effective, state of the art .Net, MVC, Angular, Responsive applications

Kick out coding, score a goal ...
365Kick is a SharePoint code generator, part of RADKick Suite

365Kick smartly understands SharePoint and Office365 application needs, and uses vetted code components to generate applications.

Have SharePoint or SharePoint Online? Everyone does now! We can help to use it upto fullest extent. Simplify Workflows, Build Rock Solid SharePoint Solutions.

Build cost effective, state of the art SharePoint Applications, Apps, Add-ins, MVC App and Responsive SharePoint applications

Kick out coding, score a goal …

Internet and Intranet Application Development

ASP.Net MVC Bootstrap AngularJS Allinfotech builds web applications using ASP.NET, which we believe is the most advanced and cost-effective platform for web development. Our expertise includes web design, server component development, browser development using MVC4, MVC5, ASP.Net 5 MVC 6, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, AJAX and AnjularJS. We can deploy the solution to your host or platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Our Flagship RADKick, helps customers to use state of the art vetted components to create the sites quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft .NET Windows Application Development

We create desktop applications using Microsoft .NET, enabling your business to benefit from the feature-rich Windows environment. Although the industry has recently been driven by web-based technologies, Windows desktop applications still provide unmatched functionality, can be more cost-effective to build, and are still an important part of our business especially when integration with other platforms like Excel and Word is critical.

Microsoft SQL Server Developers Database Integration

Almost all of our .NET solutions involve databases. We have world class experience building databases that are properly designed to grow with your needs over time, scale to your volume, and provide the data integrity and security you require. Our .NET solutions usually involve Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express, plus cloud deployments using SQL Azure.
Depending on our customers' existing systems, we have also created solutions using or integrating with data in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, XML, etc.

Allinfotech SharePoint Solutions are Designed for Collaboration, Integration and Sustainability

SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint We provide SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office365 Services to support your organization's mission. Allinfotech specializes in developing enterprise level SharePoint solutions for both government and commercial customers that help to effectively manage core institutional knowledge and communication of critical information. We offer a fully inclusive package of Microsoft SharePoint services designed to enhance collaboration and increase your organizations productivity:
  • Sharepoint system architecture and design
  • Custom design and development of webparts
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • Data warehousing
  • Advanced reporting and Business Inelligence
  • Content Management strategies
  • Form development and management
  • Portal development and management
  • Administrator and end user training
  • End user support
Mobile Allinfotech supports its clients in the field and on the go with mobile development on iOS, Andriod and Windows Phones. Our mobile solutions harness the power of native code as well as responsive design for line of business and web applications, providing seamless access via your mobile device. We also offer device agnostic solutions: employing one code base for app development with accessibility across multiple devices, platforms and web browsers, using various technology frameworks.
  • Technology Frameworks:
  • iOS Development with XCode and Swift
  • Android Development with Java
  • PhoneGap and Xamarin
  • HTML5
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Web Services including Web APIs, XML, JSON and Rest based API
Our Mobile services enable organizations to increase productivity through better managed and more secure mobile devices. Working in conjunction with our IT Operations and Maintenance team, we provide synchronized access to data across multiple mobile and desktop devices.
Bigdata Allinfotech can help you stay competitive with its Big Data Consulting services from Hadoop, Cloudera, MongoDB to any RDBMS. We specialize in Bigdata Discovery, Storage, Analytics, Search, Reporting and Data Visualization. Our big data roadmap prescribes initiatives that will result in the highest return in investment in a short period.

We demonstrate this ROI through a proof-of-concept that follows the roadmap to exercise (contact us for white paper).
  • Big Data Strategy: Consisting of an evaluation of business concerns, systems review, analytical problem formulation, and use-case prioritization.
  • Big Data Readiness Assessment: We also conduct a comprehensive big data readiness assessment to identify gaps within your technology infrastructure, processes and talent pool. We do dap analysis and a detailed systems review across five dimensions: reporting and analytics; data; applications; infrastructure; skills and resources.
  • Key Recommendations: Relating to infrastructure and architecture; data governance; and skills transformation
  • Data Identification: We collaborate with your Technology and business team to identify and prioritize use cases. Selection of new and/or existing data sets and signals
  • System Design: We then come up with the right architecture to support those use-cases. We work on design and implementation of a production big data system
  • Application Design and Development: Development of an analytic application using your data and potential external data

Program Management

Allinfotech certified project and program managers are skilled professionals with decades of combined experience leading complex technology integration and grants management programs. Our expert project managers communicate clearly, implement the latest practices and keep current with all relevant agency mandates, standards, and processes, including the Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC), Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC). Our team approaches your project with the latest methodologies suited to your field, partnering with you to complete your project on time, within scope and budget.

Allinfotech Program Management Services

  • Program Oversight and Communication
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Project/Task Management
  • Grants Lifecycle Management
  • Resource Scheduling and Coordination
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subcontractor Oversight

PMI Certified Project Managers

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is recognized as the one of the top certifications for project managers. Our certified project managers form clear plans based on obtainable metrics and realistic goals to govern the operational aspects of a project, ensuring that process standards remain uniform throughout. PMI certification guarantees:
  • Adherence to PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Timely knowledge of compliance issues
  • Implementation of appropriate methodology
Communication between our support team and the federal program manager is an ongoing process, and consistent assessments and exchanges must be made throughout the project’s lifecycle. Allinfotech project management professionals are experts when it comes to directing informational traffic, and they don’t stop at simply gathering information. They understand recipients, the mode of communication and the relevancy of the it to coordinate all activities effectively.
Allinfotech provides IT Services - a company that provides its clients with practical solutions that integrate functionality and capability with best quality and right priced solutions along with best management services. Allinfotech provides the services for both Federal government and Commercial sector. AllIinfotech is comprised of experienced Senior Consultants, Program Managers, Project Managers, and SMEs from IT Sector to former Military Special Operations Personnel to Veterans, who focus on utilizing technology to optimize business process analysis, strategy and reengineering.
Allinfotech provides staffing services for the Federal Government, State and Local Government, and Commercial industries, it includes Contract to Hire Consultants and Temp Employee. Allinfotech has in-house dedicated resources and also large partners to provide staffing services to our clients. Allinfotech specializes in the recruitment and placement of government required security cleared professionals ranging from Active MBIA Clearances, various Federal Department level Clearances, FBI / DoD Clearances with SCI/Poly if needed.

Our Experience